Understanding Life .....


You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it is yours to keep for the entire period. Look after it well.

To experience in the physical, third dimension one has to become a member of the human race. Look upon this word as being interpreted as Higher Universal MAN.

The human being is comprised of:-

  • a physical body, built from the genes of the chosen parents with variations which can be self-imposed from past experiences; each cell of this body has its own addressable memory [each cell contains all memory and can if necessary recreate the entire body as well as past and present memories - see 'cloning' on previous page! - and certain cells control the organs.
  • a soul, which is the 'real you', located just below the heart;
  • a brain, which is the control centre, which sends out messages throughout the body; cells themselves however also have this ability; the solar plexus also acts as a brain ("gut feeling....").
  • a conscious mind, or intellect, which is objective in nature, and possesses memory; it is the programmer, and the means whereby we experience all our emotions.
  • a sub-conscious mind: subjective in nature; controls the endocrine and immune systems; does not reason nor necessarily make rational decisions, never sleeps; records completely all experiences in the most intricate detail, and plays back through involuntary body functions [automatic response], including reactions and thoughts; will operate on auto-pilot if not properly controlled; there is no conscious recognition of what the sub-conscious decides.
This is not however a complete picture. It was discovered that even with plant life, if you cut off a leaf from a branch, the energy pattern of that leaf will still be picked up for a while at that particular position. As we all made our own body in the first place, any part of it which becomes lost or cut off, such as a finger, can be recreated (re-grown) by concentration or meditation. Regardless of the shortcomings of the body which we have, we chose to have it this way, for one reason or another.

There are energy bodies which surround the physical body.

The eyes see only about 1/10th of what they look at, and the ears hear even less. All sense organs fall very short of giving a true and complete picture of the so-called outer world.

The contents heal all flaws in the vessel. Another way of saying that "mind is the healer."

Some contend that the time of arrival of the soul into the body is not necessarily at the time of birth: it can be at any time from conception to two weeks after the actual birth. This may however be a replacement soul:("walk-in") an infrequent occurrence.

There are however trials and tribulations which we must overcome. There are those who have taken advantage of the situation to control the population, keeping secret the written and oral records of past history and a proper understanding of the human race. The important thing to keep in mind is that we have all knowledge within - we just have to raise this veil a little at a time: what we really need to do is remember. By listening, reading and experiencing we slowly recover what we have long forgotten, and eventually reach a point where we no longer have to ask questions of others. What is right, and what is wrong is instantly recognized as such. Seek no leader. Understanding is the rock upon which one builds.

Remember always that one is a spiritual being in a physical body.

Those who are on (or will have returned to) this planet in late 2012, after the full completion of the Solar-Precessional-Galactic Cycle, will inhabit genetically altered, beautiful fourth-dimensional bodies that will be a hybridized blend of those on Earth and those of Zeta Reticuli (according to the "new" Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, who has seen them in the dream state), exuding a golden glow, in keeping with a more Utopian planet Earth. The promised New Heaven and New Earth will have arrived.

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