"Understanding Life" .....


That spark of the Creator, which we call the soul, decides to incarnate from time to time, in various dimensions, planets and environments in order to experience and overcome the dangers of the dense, physical environment and eventually, having successfully climbed the ladder, return from whence it came.

This is done after due consultation with others charged with the responsibility for helping those who make such a decision. The Bardo is the name given to this ‘consulting room’ where one can actually watch what we would term today ’videotapes’ of the various choices or possible life experiences before making that final choice - the appropriate time, the parents and the variety of experience.

There is really no need to do this: it is indeed a choice. At the present time, two-thirds of the Hosts of Heaven have never incarnated, but a great many of these - 50% - are preparing to do so right now [1998], given the opportunity.

Our lowest such experience would be in the higher animals (second dimension). Prior to that, the whole universe was open to exploration and we understood who we were.

Not all such experiences can be considered successful: many lifetimes may be spent without making any progress, or, in the worst scenario, some may even regress to the point of no return.

Planet Earth or Shan, the Green Emerald, is one of the millions of destinations in the third dimension suitable for such an experience. History and geography on Earth tends to repeat itself on many other planets. When past lives are identified, it is useful to enquire as to whether the experience was, for instance, ..... Egypt on this planet?

The Life Process: "The spirit invades the entire atomic structure of the body. When an entity desires to enter the physical world again, it becomes a spark of Light; and as the male parent breathes in this spark of Light, it runs through his bloodstream to the generative organs. There it mates with, or becomes one with, the entire atomic structure of the seed. This raises, by excitation, the chemical action of the physical seed to twice its normal chemical speed. This ‘mating of the atoms’ is much the same as that which takes place later when the physical life-germ or seed attacks the ovum of the mother.

[Note the interesting comparison to the biblical version - "God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life."]

"As soon as this physical seed has penetrated the egg in the mother’s body, it begins to build stress lines which form what one might call the etheric skeleton, and matter from the mother’s body is attracted to these magnetic lines of force. While this building process is going on, the entity knows all the time exactly what he is doing. "Knows" however should not be construed as being aware; but the soul seed becomes a recording machine, recording all that is going on in the mother’s consciousness. It knows too what it is to go through - the difficulties, etc. The mother does not attract the soul seed: the mother is really only the incubator.

When the Spark leaves, the body becomes ‘dead’ because this vibration, or Light-wave, has withdrawn its energizing forces from the atomic particles that go to make up the physical body. ...... [Yada di Shi'ite ... 1952]

The first dimension consists of life as an ‘inanimate’ object, such as a rock, and is the lowest of the physical dimensions. Its highest format is probably the crystal, especially when it becomes a record-keeper, and thereby able to transmit information to mankind. There is life and intelligence in all forms.

The second dimension offers a ‘living’ experience as an animal, from the lowly amoeba to the whale, dolphin or cow. Only the latter three species possess a soul. And only on the Indian continent is the cow recognized as a higher animal.

The third dimension is the realm of the human being and other similar expressions on other planets. Today there are also soul - less beings in this dimension, principally beings who have been ‘cloned’ by mankind for negative purposes.** These are created without a soul [evil does not have the power to create a soul] - being a duplicate of an existing being, derived from one single cell, but even these ‘clones’ can receive souls at a later stage, and this is what is happening to many of them at the present time, as many of the Hosts of Heaven who had not previously incarnated take advantage of the moment. The existing souls of negative or evil entities are being transferred out right now to a different plane on this dimension. The ability to reason sets Man apart from the other, lower dimensions.

Within this third dimension are various planes of existence, invisible to the human race: these include the dwellings of the unicorn and other ‘extinct’ animals such as dragons and dinosaurs, nature spirits (such as the plant devas), the leprechauns, elves and other ‘little’ people, including a newly created plane for the transference out of the evil currently in our midst. On certain occasions, beings from these other planes appear briefly on our plane - which gives rise to the stories about fairies, devas, leprechauns, elves etc.

One does not have to experience the highest format in any dimension before moving on to a higher dimension, but one never skips a dimension on the return path. However, a being on a higher than physical dimension may experience in a lower dimension for a specific purpose; then return to the previous dimension or to the next higher, when this lower experience was a chosen preliminary to advancing to a higher level; or they may appear briefly to carry out a specific task, such as imparting information during a critical period, or to confront individuals with far-reaching negative plans.

The fourth dimension is an enhanced physical experience. One operates more on the spiritual level. There are fifth and higher dimensions: but they need not concern us for the moment. We have our hands full at the moment preparing for the fourth dimension: let’s take it one step at a time. We can consider the fifth dimension once we are firmly established on the fourth.

There is just one matter of interest which should be passed on: those energies on the sixth dimension do not have names, are unable to "see" us, but they sense our energy and can talk to us, and can therefore be one of our Guides.

Experiences in any one dimension are repeated (not necessarily on the same planet) until such time as one has gained sufficient understanding to move on to the next higher dimension. The first round of incarnations ends when one has reached the top level of the Ascended Masters. (*1) This is still fairly low on the totem pole, or ladder reaching to the Godhead and beyond.

The source from which all things come is believed to be the WELLSPRING or LIVING WATERS; the next level being LUMINOS, followed by SPIRIT, moving on down to the GODHEAD and eventually to the GOD level, from which we come.

Initially we plan this incarnation. First of all, when we decided to incarnate here, we looked at the various possibilities, examining the time, locations and prospective parents which would be best suited to our purpose this time round. One may compare it to running a videotape of one’s possible lives, the experiences or events which each possibility offers. Then we make the decision. A veil comes down to block out all previous knowledge and memory, so that we must start every time from scratch, so to speak. However, we do carry over the experiences which we have learned and the expertise we have gained, so that often a little nudging is all that is required. This planning room is known as the bardo and the planning is done with the help and consent of higher intelligence.

Some knowledge or expertise is occasionally carried over from the time of birth: this is why we have child prodigies - the children who, at the age of 5 or 7, already have for instance the abilities of a great violin or piano virtuoso, and give flawless public concerts at that age. At the present time we can expect children to come in with great knowledge: they are the coming leaders of the 21st century. They will also have a tinge of blue in their skin, and will eventually be known as the *Blue Race. ‘Blue-blooded’ or ‘blue-bloods’ has always inferred belonging to royalty, which gives credence to the belief that the originators of the Human race who remained on this planet rather than return to their higher abode, remained as the kings and queens of the world. They have ruled from the very beginning as they retained for themselves knowledge which they did not deem fit to pass on to the mere humans, as they would surely lose control over them, if they did. That knowledge has been leaking out for a while, and time is running out ........

Coming into understanding and overcoming the obstacles faced in any incarnation is the real meaning of being reborn. (The religious purpose of this term is merely the submission to control by the church) It is a little more than what is commonly termed rebirthing, which is one approach to reversing the negative programming we hold in the subconscious memory.

The progression to a higher dimension must be accomplished within certain cycles. For instance, planet Earth is currently at the end of a Great Cycle (which lasts over 52,000 years) and at the moment is about to move into the fourth dimension. This event would appear to be linked to the entry of the planet into the Photon Belt [*2] when the physical body must be transmuted into a lighter form in order to exist - a fourth-dimensional physical body (some of us may have already entered this stage). This has often been referred to as the quickening. Earth will no longer be a place for third-dimensional experience, therefore those who are not yet ready will have to move elsewhere in order to re-experience on the third dimension. Those who have achieved sufficient understanding to move into this fourth dimension have the choice of continuing here; moving to some other fourth dimensional environment; or, should local conditions require it, being taken off the planet temporarily for further learning, possibly over the period 2001 - 2010, coming back to help return Earth to an environmentally friendly state, so that she can truly be known once again as the Green Emerald.

Although the timing of this entry is uncertain, in 1987 the planet moved into the fringes of the Photon Belt and its full impact will be felt suddenly, most likely sometime in the first decade of the 21st century.

The frequency of photons is beyond that of ultra-violet and it causes mutations of cells and all sorts of damage to an unprepared body. Even ultra-violet “B” rays, hitherto thought to be safe, are now admitted to be severely damaging to the physical body.

It is important to realize that both the planet AND mankind must move now into the Fourth Dimension. The planet is moving in a different direction and at a higher speed than usual, and those who do not advance with her will be shaken like fleas off a dog’s back. The whole universe is headed for the Super-Sun which governs our galaxy.

Much is made of lineage (family history) and class in the third dimension: one traces back one’s lineage in an attempt to obtain ‘prestige’ and acceptance in the social, or even the business or military, world; if that history is noteworthy and includes famous personages, that is something to boast about - but this is the lineage of the genes or physical body: the soul has its own family, which is quite different.

The soul family is often referred to as a flower, with one to nine [the number of completion] petals, each of which has a male and a female part or energy (complete in itself),which are referred to as twin flames. Thus a soul or flame family can be composed of up to 18 souls, or flame mates. Groups of soul families form an oversoul, the total number of souls involved can be up to three hundred or more. So it will be seen that the term soul-mate can be very misleading, and it is rarely your ideal spiritual or physical partner, as you may have a great many of them ……

Consider this only a technical point: understanding it may not be of that much importance in your incarnation.

The other lineage consists of the previous lives of that soul or energy: one gathers experiences and knowledge from each incarnation and this is a much more important history that genetic forefathers. Unfortunately, this knowledge tends to be suppressed and rarely acknowledged in the third dimension. Knowing that lineage is not essential, but it can be useful.

The Importance of LOVE

"Love is the greatest force in all the universes, for it represents the highest vibrational frequency when offered in purity. Love is the greatest healer and the greatest mover of creative energies.

Love, held in the heart, will raise the vibrational frequency of the individual, and thus allow for a greater perception and understanding of all that crosses your path. This same Love simultaneously radiates outward to uplift others.

Learn to discard that which does not resonate with "Love in your heart" in the face of any and all challenges. The energy of Love is infinite and without end; you cannot possibly use it up and have more than your fair share, for each is given an infinite stream of Love (pure Creative Energy) to then re-give to others. Let not anything in your life keep the feeling of Love from being felt and expressed by you."


Negative Blood Types:

Reading from Lady Katjina - from BELENUS:

"And this concerns blood types — and it’s her blood type that’s responsible for her feeling cold most of the time. Even on days when the temperatures are in the 80s, her body chemistry will fumble and she will take a chill.

"Those who are born with a negative blood type make up no more than 8% of the total earth population. Those who have type A negative blood and the other branch of AB (B being a subcategory) are of those who lack the Rhesus monkey genes. The negative blood type is Rh, short for Rhesus. You have the biblical expression, "The sons of God married the daughters of Men" and this produced the negative blood type. The A and AB blood types are of the ancient patriarchal lineages of the Jewish Nation. In the very beginnings of this nation of people, all of them were either A or AB types. There were other races of people who were also negatives, but of different blood types. The Jewish men were commanded to be circumcised so that those of other tribes and peoples would recognize that the women could safely have offspring with them. There were also certain tribes of people — the ancient Indians of the Americans who had their roots in Atlantis, as well as the Basques—that understood the necessity of keeping the A strains protected. The A strains could not safely have children with anyone other than the negative blood types and these blood types were the Sons of God who came to Earth to commingle with the Daughters of Men who also possessed negative blood types of O and B. A in this case symbolizes Atlantean. It denoted a particular grouping of beings that could be recognized.

"The ancient Indian groups such as the Algonquin had the blood brother test in which they cut the fingers. If the blood remained free-flowing, the blood strain was pure, but if the blood coagulated and curdled, then one of the two beings were the positive blood type and not of the brother-hood. It is said and it is true that these rare blood types returned en masse about 1000 years ago. The light-beings, because of the darkness of the Earth, withdrew many thousands of years ago. As the light began to shift upon the planet, they began to return. Type A-negatives are in the realm of religion and philosophy—this is their focus. However, those who are AB are involved in all of the other areas of human activity. They are more mainstream politician, economists, educators, researchers, ecologists, and involved in the many realms of the biosphere.

"We have said before that the year 1939 was the first wave of a mass return of the vanguards. The second wave in 1940, and the third in 1941. All of the vanguards of these three waves are of the negative blood type. All of them have very unusual constitutional makeup where the energy rays are concerned. None of them have the configurations of those rays of energy that Djwal Khul had in relationship to his 39 disciples—none of that group had yet taken the third initiation. The vanguards of which we are now speaking, all of them have taken at least the third initiation and nearly all of them the fourth. These beings have many memories of former lives, have unusual healing abilities, have tremendous staying power, and are very influential in their areas of expertise. These beings, when they incarnate, are always composites of many energies. In other words, they have a personality, but the rest of their bodies (by that we mean the mental, emotional, astral, etc.) are composites of the energies of other beings. In other words, it is multiple overshadowing. "

*The Blue Race: update March 2000: these are now known as the Indigo children or Blue Children, and they have been coming in since about 1980, but more so since 1995. See the website http://www.indigochild.com or the book The Indigo Children (1-56170-608-6) by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll. These are very special children, tremendously gifted: in an attempt to suppress them and the understanding they bring with them, 'authority' prescribes an inordinate amount of mind-altering drugs for them.

Common traits of these children are: they come into this world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it); they have a feeling of ‘deserving to be here’ and are surprised when others do not share that; they have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without an explanation or choice); they simply will not do certain things, such as standing in line; they get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don’t require creative thought; they seem anti-social; non-conforming to any system; do not respond to ‘guilt’ discipline; and are not shy in letting you know what they need. But these children will be in due course the guides to return us, as a world, to the path of love.

There is an agenda of incapacitation/ineffectiveness prepared for these children: they are prescribed Ritalin and other drugs as they are considered to be suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder etc … In many cases teachers have been told to inform the parents that a child may only return to school on condition that the child go on Ritalin or another drug.

Adverse reaction to these drugs has been linked to the increasing number of shootings at schools and there is now a backlash against the use of drugs, rather than identifying and meeting the needs of the child, the family, the school and the community, where there is anti-social behavior.

(Reading From BELENUS and Lady Katjina:)

"We would say a word here about the Indigo Children. These children are born with an inverted chromosome 6. And if there blood were to be tested, there are many other peculiar factors in their cellular structure. Their DNA-RNA twinning is at an accelerated pace. "I would give you here a lesson in biology. For the last 75 years or so, it has been known that each individual cell is like a community in itself. If you consider what it takes to have community, you consider medical, educational, communication, family, and also religion or God of some form. In the past, the religion or spiritual aspect has been recessive and the militant factor has often been dominant. Education has been dominant, but with the focus on the wrong order of education. "With the Indigo children in the cellular structuring, the sacred sanctuary has become dominant. What this means is that any component of the cell can claim sanctuary or protection. This means that the regenerative ability of the cell becomes the dominant factor. Therefore, the human form cannot be destroyed, cannot become ill. These souls over many generations of incarnation expressed the concept of brotherhood based upon love. They were oftentimes the "Fool" of the Tarot cards. They took chances for the sake of love that others would not risk. And every time they did, it strengthened the sanctuary aspect of their cells, and the sanctuary became ablaze with many lit candles and the singing of the many praises to the eternal God of their own soul. These are the souls who selflessly gave during the times of the many great plagues that have befallen humanity down through time. Over and over they came to help their brethren during the plagues. Sometimes they sacrificed their own lives but today if a plague were to break out, none of them could be touched with an illness, for they have learned the ways of love so well that their systems have so much of the spiritual energy of love that they can survive any illness and they are not touched. "These Indigo children that are now incarnating came into existence prior to incarnations on the Earth plane and have been responsible for bringing in the type A or AB negative blood types. Now they are incarnating with the fullness of their beings intact. Oftentimes it takes several lifetimes for these very rarified types of beings to be able to establish and maintain themselves upon this planet. They work long and hard to establish themselves prior to a coming of a known crisis point or a major shifting point. So these children are incarnating en masse because there is power in numbers.

"The HIV babies who are resistant to all childhood diseases are also Indigo, but of a very specialized type. When these children become adults, they will be able to bring forth and manifest anything whatsoever that they wish. They will en masse address the needs of such places as India and the poverty conditions, and also China and South America. Their focus will be on the redistribution of those things needed to sustain life. They will call forth the rains into the barren lands of Mexico and long-dormant seeds will sprout and begin to grow food. And this shall happen in the lifetime of these children. But realize this: these children will live to be considerably more than 100 years of age and will be productive until they themselves choose to step out of their physical bodies and return to spirit. There are many gifted children upon the Earth plane at this time. Not all of them are true Indigos. An Indigo will never ask, "Am I an Indigo?" They know. Their parents also know. "

** Cloning: The oldest recent reference to cloned humans was in the 1940s by Adolf Hitler - “I have seen the ‘new man’ and he is awesome“ …… when Hitler referred to the ‘Master Race’, Germans inferred that he was talking about them …. It is more likely he was thinking about a robot race (which is now in place underground in North America as a robot army). After World War II his scientists wound up either in the U.S. or Russia.

The recent ‘news’ about ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep, and subsequent other animal cloning is a smokescreen to counteract the news getting out now about cloned politicians ……. all U.S. presidents since (and including) Jimmy Carter have been cloned at Camp David, as were other leading politicians - not just in the U.S. There are two slightly different versions - the ‘American’ and the ‘Russian’. The characteristics are a deficiency in mathematics, and a lack of compassion (no soul). There is also a slight physical variation between one and another clone of the same person, such as a facial characteristic.

Likewise, laws now being introduced in several countries supposedly to regulate the cloning of live creatures is a farce. There are major cloned armies underground in North America, and probably elsewhere. There is obviously cloning going on at military bases/hospitals/laboratories for humans of lesser importance. Perhaps it is intended to be a means of maintaining a monopoly in this 'industry'?

Robotoids play an important role in controlling the people by carrying out orders without question, yet appearing quite human to the populace. There are always three U.S. presidents available - two on standby. One had to be made available in an emergency at the dinner in Tokyo when George Bush was killed by a particle beam weapon. He collapsed at the dinner and was taken outside, only to return ‘refreshed’ about ten minutes later. No member of the press ever remarked about the distinctly freckled George Bush that returned! They were there for all to see clearly - until the next replacement became due ….. these bodies do not have a long life, and must be replaced by further replicas, so a study of George Bush photos collected over ten years should prove quite interesting! You may have noted in the '90s frequent visits by U.S. presidents to Camp David for "rest and relaxation" ..... the mind is a liquid crystal, the contents of which can be downloaded, and robotoids require frequent 'refreshment' until they reach the stage where they can no longer be used and the body must be replaced altogether.

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