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Each universe has its own creator and overseer, and there are many universes in the omniverse. The creator of our universe has been known throughout the ages by several names, and various spellings/compilations of the name “Aton” - such as “Akhnaton.” The meaning being “The One Light.” Greek mythology was in reality history. Each planet has its own Overseer: for Earth it is Archangel Michael.

There is also a Saviour or Messiah (but not quite in the biblical sense), who comes at the beginning of each Age, and in our case it is Sananda for this Age of Aquarius, previously (in the last or Piscean Age) the same energy was known as Esu Emmanuel - the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Last time he came with knowledge, but without power: this time he also comes with power.

There are many ‘Higher Councils’ with a multitude of names. There is for example the Council of the Seven Sages of the World, who meet at the beginning of each Age, to discuss the state of progress and plan the future. There is also the Council of Seven who were appointed Guardians at the time of our solar system’s inception. And again there is the Silent Brotherhood (who opened the tomb where Esu Emmanuel had been placed, and rolled away the stone). There are the Elohim, who visit us every third Age, and are referred to in Genesis. They could be called the auditors, who check up from time to time on how we are doing. Their most recent visit was at the end of 1996, when they accompanied the comet “Hale-Bopp” - otherwise known as Herculobus or the biblical Wormwood. At that time the future of the planet and its inhabitants was changed for the better in that a disaster of extraordinary proportions was averted.

There are our mentors, The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays [biblical:- “the seven spirits before the throne”]. One is guided by the powerful forces at work within these Rays. Each and all of us flow into conscious life upon one or other of these Rays, and our life experience is influenced by the Ray through which we descended.

The Way of Esoteric Colour
1st Ray Leadership RED
2nd Ray Education LIGHT BLUE
3rd Ray Philosophy GREEN
4th Ray Arts YELLOW
5th Ray Science INDIGO
6th Ray Devotion ROSE
7th Ray Ceremony VIOLET

All the members of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays are identified as being in the Amethystine Order (the violet or amethyst/purple Ray).

Germain is the Lord (Master Teacher or Spiritual Head) of the Amethystine Order, which is an Illuminist Order of Essenes, in that all members follow the Essene way of life.

St Germain requires of us that we enter our rest (go to bed) two hours before midnight each night, as this is when general teaching begins. Some have asked what the penalty is for being late for class ..... but we’ll skip the answer to that one!

There are also representations of higher powers with specific tasks for momentous events in the history of the planet, such as the ending of the Great Cycle and transition to the Fourth Dimension, which is where we stand right now. The individual given the responsibility of seeing a remnant through these times is Hatonn from the Pleiades. In the Bible there is reference to the Word going forth one last time before the ending of the Age: Hatonn has been the instrument for the publication of this information through what is known as The Phoenix Journals and related material. The physical transference, if necessary, is to be carried out by Ashtar Command, a fleet of ships ready to take off individuals who need to be rescued, fulfilling the prophecy again in the Bible that “there shall be two standing in the field - one shall be taken, the other left.” The last occasion this was done was in the time of Akhenaton.

The Commander-in-Chief of this operation (Project Earth Transition) is none other than Sananda, known previously by names such as the Man of Galilee, Jesus Christ, Esu Emmanuel, Issa, Buddha, The Pale Prophet etc, who operates from an extremely large space-craft named “The Phoenix” …..(“from the ashes the Phoenix shall arise again “….). This craft, which was previously located in Atlantis, is generally stationed over an immense underground, navigational crystal in Tehachapi, California. The North American Indians have the Phoenix as a sacred symbol. Interesting ‘coincidence’.

During our progression into greater understanding we have ‘helpers’ in higher spheres upon whom we can call for assistance. There are Guardian Angels, who must have attained at least Spirit status and who look after our physical well-being in an emergency: everybody has at least one, unless you have been given up as a ‘lost cause’!

There are Spirit Guides, each of whom must have attained Light status (the Godhead) and there can be from one to a hundred or more of these spiritual advisors from the fourth or higher dimensions. One needs to study this in detail as it offers the fastest understanding of our circumstance here, solutions to our needs and access to a very high level of understanding.

It is also important at this present time in planetary evolution to have this group of Guides from as high a level as possible - at least as high as the Godhead - in order to be prepared for the critical days ahead, especially the Earth Changes, which should be looked at in a positive frame of mind. One should not fear contact with, or messages from, Angels or Guides - some people feel they are not deserving or ‘qualified’ to receive messages, that they need an intermediary - this stems often from ‘religious’ doctrines, or low self-esteem. Angels or Guides patiently await our call.

These guides, in helping us, help themselves continue on the path of enlightenment to higher levels. The level of help depends on what we need at the moment: when the student is ready, the teacher will come, so our helpers change constantly according to our needs. They have come to offer Light and at this critical point in Man’s history.

A guide, helper or "guardian angel" is assigned immediately to every human being on coming to the earth plane. On every plane, those on the ‘higher’ must help those on the ‘lower.’ As one with time grows physically and mentally, and seeks mentally for knowledge, as he shows a desire for a particular thing a helper from the upper plane comes into that one’s presence. That guide or "guardian angel" has great knowledge of the subject which is being sought, and does all he can to lead and help that learner on earth plane. Even if a person does something which is "wrong", he will still have help: if one becomes an alcoholic or drug addict, a guide will come who will aid and abet him, and enjoy the experience. Every soul must have the experience that it craves. If one wishes to overcome the bad habit, the law works in the same way - someone will come to give him strength and support when needed.

The mentors of the Angels are the Archangels, who have currently gathered around this planet as the “Ones with the Golden Helmets of the Commands of Light.”

Angels who serve on Earth as helpers are not altogether ‘perfect’ in that they do not function well in our density and have difficulty in comprehending that anyone they come across could be of evil intent, therefore they are often misled or taken advantage of.

The Greatest Guide is the Teacher of the Seven Masters of the Rays, Aton, Lord of the Lords of the Seven Rays, Lord Maha. ‘Lord’ meaning ‘teacher of the highest cause.’

When we ask for help, we must always establish first of all exactly who is responding. Cosmic Law demands that anyone called upon to identify themselves must do so - but negative energies may just depart, rather than identify who they are. If you are accustomed to using a medium, then always ask: “Who is answering through this medium?” Do not be fooled by someone in response using a high-sounding title or name. Ask: “Do you come in the name and Light of the Celestial Messiah?” or words to that effect. The answer you are looking for is usually: WE do …”

When approaching one’s group of Spirit Guides, ask to speak with them - then, having received confirmation of their presence, ask whether anyone else is present - it may be a ‘newly arrived member’ of your group of Spirit Guides and therefore register initially as ‘someone else’, or that presence may be identified through use of prepared charts, and the process of elimination. [Use of charts is a different topic]

Always remember that answers to questions regarding the future are always as it is seen right now [the direction we are, or mankind is, taking] and is subject to change if that direction is subsequently changed. Remember also that prophecy tends to be a warning, and if we heed the warning the prophecy is not ‘fulfilled.’ That is not to infer that the prophecy is wrong.

Answers from Higher Sources about the future should always be considered suspect: they do not want to disappoint us by saying they do not know, but there are so many future variables that one cannot normally be too definite about the outcome of the play and the attitude of the players.

Angels remind us that the word ANGEL starts with the letter "a" which stands for ask, and ends with "l" which stands for listen. "If you’ll remember to ask, then listen, everything in between will begin to gel."

It is important to be protected by the Light at all times. Any negative thought or action will open up a chink in one’s armour and allow discarnates or other negative energies to enter. This must be closed as quickly as possible. It may be necessary to clear oneself many times a day. Request that the plasmic Light Shield be placed around you - and include your loved ones in this request. The strongest protection against evil is provided by Golden and Violet rather than White Light - ask for it when necessary.

One is protected whilst asleep. Upon rising, request “In the name of the Divine Source, I demand that all energies of the Dark Brotherhood depart from me immediately, for the rest of this day” or words to that effect. Continue with the clearance of blocks, programs, beliefs, discarnates and negative energies that may have come up since last time clearance was requested. Clear both soul programs and programs to run symptoms of illness.

It is important to stress 'immediately' - otherwise there is no time reference for the departure of discarnates; and likewise the length of time they must stay away - otherwise they may go, and come back again a few moments later! They will have obeyed your instructions to the letter …… but it was not what you meant. In all things one must exercise caution, and be very precise about what one desires - otherwise one might get exactly what is wished for, even although it was not what was intended!

Messages may be received in many ways: the still, small voice within; feelings - including smells and ‘gut feeling’; hearing a conversation or song repeatedly; and visually (subject often to interpretation when numbers or signs are seen).

Suggested forms of request for Protection:-

Discarnates are entities which do not have a physical body, but the term is generally used to infer negative entities.

Spirits of the dead who, for one reason or another, cannot move to a higher plane often haunt the cemetery where their flesh and bones were laid to rest, or where they died or were murdered, and as discarnates they cause much harm by occupying space in the living. They also frequent places where alcohol or other drugs are used, as those who are inebriated are easy targets. Evil cannot of course exist where there is Light.

There are also teachers on this plane, but many, alas, are false. The closer one comes to the ending of an Age, the more false teachers appear. There seems to be an innate desire in most of mankind to follow a leader. Many are content to have someone they can go to in order to obtain answers, and many leaders judge themselves on the number of followers they have (à la Billy Graham etc). We chose our parents as our initial teachers: but one must continually progress without giving up one’s freedom, assets or the option of going elsewhere for possible answers, or comparing answers, without being disowned (excommunicated is the religious terminology) by a previous group.

Throughout history the first thing that a conquering hero did when he marched into a vanquished land was to install his own religion.

Most teaching has been funneled, one way or another, through the churches. The Church was initially set up to ensure control over the people. The administrative and operational manual was one or other of the versions of The Bible, consisting normally of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, although the composition of “Books” within each Testament is not identical in each version.

This Bible - unlike any other book on the market - does not explain its purpose by way of a Foreword or Introduction. Ostensibly based on the great spiritual truths of old - and indeed that was the basis, these have been altered, deleted or added to in order to ensure that what is taught is accepted as “the infallible Word of God” - no questions asked. Acceptance into the Church is usually based on acceptance of this tenet.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is the realization of who and what one is, and our relationship to the rest of the universe. These Truths have always been, and are not the property of any one group. But it has been an easy sell: most people are prepared to pay any price asked for “salvation” (or forgiveness of ‘sins’) and join an organization for the fellowship, comfortable feeling and relief that it offers - by letting others make decisions for them. High-priced instruction is generally indicative of a flaw in the information being given out, being provided for commercial purposes rather than the good of mankind.

The initial church eventually splintered and split until there are today over 1,500 ‘Christian’ religions: at first, those who left were persecuted, and religious wars were fought to ‘bring people into line’ but now there are just too many divisions to make that practical. Many astute businessmen saw how easy it was to control people and live luxuriously off them by establishing a “church” and today there are even sales training courses in California and elsewhere for TV evangelists, where the really big money lies. It has been shown over and over again that the personal lives of these ‘evangelists’ may be very different to the moral standards that they preach, yet the people will still “follow the leader” regardless.

One surprising incongruity in the “King James” version of the Bible is its florid dedication to a prominent homosexual - King James himself, which is not considered in line with its teachings. The most common version of The Bible in the English language is this King James Version from 1611, or a version which ‘conforms’ to this version. Older printings, especially for the Church of England, have a statement of ‘licence to print’ and a ‘Preface’ gushing praise for this James, King of Britain, France and Ireland, as the authority for printing.

It is ironical that this James was an embarrassment to his country for his homosexual preferences, signing treaties which favored his guests, as they provided for his tastes while traveling abroad. He was eventually stripped of his power to sign treaties. German versions are usually “according to the translation by Martin Luther”, but again give no explanation for the contents of the book. The previous versions were written in Latin, and are still housed out of sight in the Vatican.

It is interesting to note the “copyright” claim on most versions. Truth cannot be copyrighted! Despite this ‘copyright’ there are countless variations in the text and format.

Today there are several corrected versions, particularly of the New Testament, which is more appropriate for useful study, and these are of great help in clearing up the ‘mis-translations’ which have been expounded for so long. The Book of Mormon is also subject to ‘copyright’ but is different in that it does have an introduction explaining its contents. It also is no longer available in its original form.

Eventually one reaches the stage where one recognizes Truth without having to ask anyone their opinion on the matter. One recognizes that the Truth is actually within oneself rather than without. And there is no one ‘Truth’ for one person, and a different ‘Truth’ for another. Cosmic Law is unchanging. One has to take back one’s own power and recognize oneself for what one really is.

Throughout time there have been many teachers to Light the Way and many sacred writings, each appropriate for the level of understanding that mankind had reached at that moment. Man has never been left without a beacon Light to guide him. As time passed, the became more intense.

The skies today are crowded with visitors - from elsewhere in the universe. Those who would lose their control over the populace if the truth about these visitors came out have done everything in their power to debunk the idea that there could be intelligent life somewhere beyond planet Earth, although the level of intelligence here is much below the average in the omniverse (collection of universes). Cloaked in clouds most of the time, and positioning themselves against planets at night, it will not be long now before these ‘silver ships’ show themselves more openly.

Those of the Higher Realms of Creation - of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator - regret that they are not permitted to step upon our soil and teach those of us who desire their service. It would be a great disservice to those of us who are of lesser understanding. They only guide and suggest, to stimulate us to turn our thoughts inward, to that single source of love and understanding. There are many on earth who do not wish to believe in, or have proof of, extraterrestrial existence.

They do not wish to impose their understanding of truth upon the peoples of this earth, and this would be something that would happen if they came down to us directly as people would accept every word they said as being valid. For the moment they must remain ‘in hiding.’ Information is given so that one may accept it or reject it as one feels fit. This is a necessary provision in the spiritual evolution of all mankind, that one be, at some state in our evolution, in a position to accept or reject what is necessary for our ongoing evolution.

Life on Earth is 100 times more painful and difficult than life in any of the Higher Realms. They have compassion for us, and are willing to help us as much as they can. [*11]

Many are located in craft far above the surface of the earth, although they do appear to us in one form or another from time to time. In 1990 in Sedona one appeared above a group of light-workers in the form of a spiral rainbow: I remember feeling a strong jolt of energy on my left (receiving) side at that moment. From such locations they monitor our thoughts (in a non-intrusive way). They see all thoughts as thoughts of The Creator, but this does not infringe upon our thoughts or activities in any way.

The illusion that we have created upon this earth plane is important. It is very useful for those who wish to evolve at a very rapid rate by experiencing it and by using it while within it. This is a way of gaining progress spiritually and many of those already in the Higher Realms desire to have the same opportunity that we have.

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