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You are moving into the unknown, into uncharted waters: fear not, for I am with you always, and the testing will never be beyond that which you can bear.

As the universe runs on mathematical laws, timing is all important. When we choose a specific day for being born, we select one of three possible groups, and people in that group will be basically compatible with us. There should be no misunderstandings, business relationships should be good, and personal relationships successful. There will be a second group, where the relationship will be neutral, and other factors will then have a greater say in determining the outcome of our dealings with them. The third group will pose problems in communications, yet we will tend to be more drawn to them, because of the law of opposites attracting. Caution should be exercised at all times. This is commonly called numerology or Cabalarian teachings, much of which has been commercialized today, reducing its value, as factors tend to be dramatized, exaggerated or embellished.

Our life will also be influenced by astrology - the position of the sun, moon and planets at the very time we are born. This influence will continue throughout our life.

Not only do we choose our parents, we also choose our name. Sometimes it seems that our parents did not quite get the message right ..... or perhaps there is some validity to the changing of one's name at various points in one's life - as the native American Indians do. This is frowned upon in today?s society, where everybody is tracked, catalogued and every action of their life recorded. Changing one's name would cause confusion ..... so perhaps it has a good side to it! It is, after all, only a physical designation.

There is an old adage: Give a dog a bad name and hang him! Most of our sayings, 'old wives' tales and traditional proverbs are not understood, and therefore laughed at, but there is always at least some truth behind them. In this case it is the mathematical laws of numerology which are being referred to.

If you are unhappy with your name, change it! Use the new/proposed name initially as a second or common name, then, having gauged the positive difference which it makes, make it legal. It should be remembered that the simpler the name, the simpler - and therefore stronger - the vibration. Each individual name that one has may have a different vibration (characteristic), and the combination of these names is an additional vibration. It was the Church which instituted 'Family' names - to destabilize the individual by having different/contrasting vibrations affect his or her life. Prior to that the 'Christian' or first name was complemented by a word describing the occupation, the place of birth or some other characteristic of the individual - for example: John the Baptist; Joseph of Arimithea; Peter the Plumber; or George the Dragon-Killer ......

Our planet as a whole is shifting upward in frequency at an ever-quickening pace [Spring 1999]. This shift in frequency is causing the low-frequency thought energy forms held within us to come forth and express (release) themselves.

This is the Cleansing Phase of the Transition Cycle: an opportunity for self-examination so that one can release the inner pains and negativity. Many will suppress the urge to release these energies: this will act like a pressure cooker with the heat turned on high, resulting in an ever-increasing number of deaths and suicides, etc.

People will become very boisterous and erratic as they must face these long-harbored feelings. Consider the modern term 'road rage' - the impulsive, negative reactions of the driver of a vehicle to a disagreeable situation.

Look not at these times with apprehension in your heart, but rather with eagerness and anticipation of the journey. Each challenge is to help you discover the unique nature and abilities which you, as a co-creator and unique fragment of the Creator Source, have at your disposal.

To increase your awareness of self, you must let go of the past and accept that your thinking will evolve as you are ready for the next natural phase of awareness and growth.

Be quick to spot the value of NEW experiences and ideas. If new ideas are presented to you which make you fearful, then go within and discern for yourself the cause for the fear. Therein you will learn the reason for the reactionary response in the first place, and in doing so you will grow.

Our political and economic situation has been molded and manipulated by the Dark Forces, who have taken over control of the planet. However, they are a small minority on the planet and have a great fear of the awakening, Lighted masses.

They know that there will be such a great focus of high-frequency energy directly upon them, as well as prayers and petitions (calls which compel responses) from the masses to the Lighted Realms of Creation, for assistance, that their whole game will be dissolved.

Fear them not, for they thrive on the frequency of fear, knowing that they control you to some degree by the mere act of your being frightened. Their darkened 'light' will soon be extinguished.

Think on these things:-

We have chosen perhaps the most historical point in the history of this planet to incarnate, and right now it is reaching its climax. This lifetime can be compared to ten previous lifetimes compressed into one, therefore the tempo and tension is high. The ending of a Great Cycle sees momentous change, and these changes have already started. No matter what happens, our passage is ensured: we have been promised that a Remnant will live through it all - even if we have to be temporarily taken off this planet for safety reasons, and returned at a later stage.

Most people on this planet are not living ..... they are existing. Into which category do you fall?

It is up to each individual to come into their own level of understanding as to what they may do to assist in this planetary transition. Each must come into their own balance. None may know the path another walks, therefore it is the greater part of wisdom to not judge that other but rather to have compassion for the pain that manifests itself in behavioral aberrations. None has a job greater or lesser than another: only different.

There is an infusion of Light coming upon our world that is illuminating the dark recesses of all that is; all dark energies are being revealed, and their plans subverted, for darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

Each and every one is a co-creator alongside Creator, and you have been created in the image of His PERFECTION; therefore you too are perfection - you just perceive it not. It will be through the knowledge of your own perfection that you will begin to effect change upon this world, and through that perfection, the Kingdom of Heaven will be made manifest upon this planet.

Remember the Law of Return. In whatever you do, say or think - remember that you shall receive back EXACTLY to the extent you put out, for all actions, words and thought are ENERGY, and energy simply is, and is not judgmental. Like produces like, and like MULTIPLIES like, so be very careful what you do, say or think, for you shall receive back in like kind - many fold. This law works always in complete and utter perfection, and it never fails. This is the time of nearly instant return, so instead of the return taking years or months to manifest back to you, it is more like hours or minutes.

Regardless of what is coming against you, or you perceive to be coming against you, remember that your counteraction will also have its own consequences, and those consequences are your own RESPONSIBILITY, based upon your actions, your words, and your thoughts.

The key to truly understanding the cause of any physical happening lies in the energy that precipitates it. Likewise the key to creating a more balanced physical experience lies in the precipitation of non-physical energies. Learn to tap into and modify that which precipitates the physical reality, and you will be well on your way to understanding the true nature of the game in which you are participating.

We stand at the crossroads. May the insights offered herein serve you as tools so that you can better prepare yourself for the challenges which lie ahead.

The cure for that which ails our planet is compassion, love, forgiveness, trust, truth and understanding: they are the primary building blocks upon which Creator God functions. If you do not have the basic building blocks, how can you construct anything which will stand?

Love in its purest form is the rarest of commodities on Earth. That love is not judgmental, not jealous, not greedy, not fearful, and encompasses and embraces ALL, including enemies and those who might have caused hurt.

Are you quick to judge or quick to forgive and LOVE? Are you quick to want vengeance, or are you quick to overlook and to LOVE? Are you quick to strike out or are you quick to apologize and to LOVE? This is how each of you should be judging SELVES - not another. The highest and purest Law is that of Love, which states: GOD loves all his creations without conditions or judgment, and forever offers this love to all ones, unconditionally, at all times.

Earth is a classroom: school is closing. Will you graduate? Let us fly with the Angels of Light.

"The game of life is one of skill: like an apprentice, you work on mastering the various talents and abilities that will enable you to take full, responsible control over the physical density.

"Success by modern standards is defined as an excess of material wealth. Anything less is viewed as weakness or inferiority.

"However, TRUE success can only be measured in terms of what you take with you when you transition from the physical plane. Just what is it that you take with you when you leave? Nothing less than the value of growth, knowledge, and the upward shift in awareness the experience of your physical journey itself provides to you." .......... Soltec

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