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The body is a LIGHT being. It operates on light, and also requires inordinate amounts of oxygen in today's environment where the oxygen ratio in an urban city can drop to as low as 6%. Prior to the 1940s the oxygen concentration of the atmosphere was over 38%. Today it is generally around 18 to 22%. Already, the terrain is set for oxygen deprivation, and an oxygen deprived environment is the ultimate breeding ground for cancer.

The second dynamic below light is heat. Without heat there is no known biological reaction. Heat is an electromagnetic phenomenon. It is several hundred thousand oscillations below the frequency of light. Below the frequency of heat there is microwave radiation. The industrial level of microwave is undesirable - it is biological overkill.

The body generates microwave frequency and it also generates the next level down called radio frequency. It also generates low level electric waves, heart beat and brain rhythms, which is easily demonstrable in EKGs and EEGs.

From the concept of quantum physics, the human is a light-driven being. The body receives light, demodulates light and this drives the rest of its reactions. The neural circuits, endocrine glands, digestive glands, metabolic oxidations and enzyme exchange systems are all light-driven structures.

In space there is no white light, but when radiations of the sun strike the vapour of the earth, they dissipate into white light, which can break into a spectrum of colours. The body requires all seven of the rays which can be seen through a prism. The blood requires an inordinate amount of red light, the nerves require an inordinate amount of violet light and the digestive organs require an inordinate amount of yellow light. Each glandular system within the body needs that light nutrition.

The first source of light is AIR. The Hindus called it pranayma. In breathing one takes in not only oxygen but light, because light wraps itself around the oxygen molecule.

The second source of light is WATER. Water is able to receive vast quantities of photonic energy from light. When water is exposed to nature's cycles, to evaporation, to going up into the clouds, mixing with ozone and falling as rain, the water is tremendously oxygenated. Nature's cycles sterilize the water. Farmers know how much faster plants grow after a rain storm compared to groundwater irrigation.

In the industrialized countries around the world everybody takes in groundwater from recycled sewage, which is dead water, or from lakes with low bio-oxidative potentials. One cooks, drinks and bathes in dead water. These are electron-robbing substances. They require the body to process them in order to eliminate them. They are poisons and burden the enzyme systems of the liver. Nature's cycle exposes water to light and air. Water was meant to give life. Drunk from a stream or as it falls down from the mountain or taken from an extremely deep well, these waters have healing properties that add energy to the body.

Another source of light is often overlooked - light from PLANTS. Plants take photon energy from the sun, capture it and sequester carbon dioxide and water into sugar, fats and proteins. Plants are stored sunlight: one of nature's miracles. When a plant is taken into the body the enzyme system causes cleavage of those atomic bonds and releases energy like an atom-bomb. Energy is also released as light and heat, which further drives the biological mechanism. Sugar is stored sunlight. Higher up on the scale are aromatic plants and spices. These are very high energy carbon bonds with cyclic aromatic rings. Spices deliver a lot of energy to the body.

These therefore are the sources of primary photon energy. Light, water, high energy food and lastly fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Mankind has reversed this order of priority: instead of getting primary energy from sunlight which is at the top of the list, it is taken from sugar, which is at the bottom of the list. The more dependent one is on sugar, the less one is able to assimilate higher forms of energy. One of the hallmarks of inability to utilize light energy is obesity. It is the greatest disease of the industrial world. It is the first sign of the inability of the body to take in light nutrition.

Homoeopathy is a time-tested, proven method of detoxification. The old homoeopathic method of trituration and succussion, the grinding and pounding and shaking of a substance is nothing more than the release of photons of light. Water has the ability to absorb inordinate amounts of light and heat: it has one of the highest specific heats of any substance known to man. In the natural environment it does have the highest specific heat. It absorbs tremendous amounts of electrostatic energy. When one makes homoeopathic remedies by pounding, trituration, succussion and electrification - it does not matter which method is used - it tears apart the electro-zonal bonds of the original substance and creates photons, which are then dispersed in water.

These are used by various resonance factors. All the tissues of the body require certain resonance frequencies to vibrate to stay alive. Light deprivation is death. Without light, there is no life. So by giving homoeopathic remedies, or by giving colour, those tiny little photons resonate like little frequency oscillators, and sending them all through your system, and where they resonate, like two tuning forks, wherever they find each other in a domain, they vibrate. In a homoeopathic liquid, there are billions of photons contained in just one glass of water, more than enough to start reactions in the human body.

Light has two forms: one that is visibly seen and another that is only seen by psychics. This is where energy medicine, acupuncture and homoeopathy operate. It is light prior to manifestation. It is a para-physical energy to which psychics, people who are intuitive, are sensitive.

It is obvious therefore that one must raise the vibratory frequency of the 'light' body in order to sustain the mechanical properties and the electric flow of the mental processes.

The human being is Light - an electrically created and motivated entity, chemically assembled from elements of the Universe.

On the subject of photons, it is interesting to note that Royal Rife's work clearly demonstrated specific frequencies associated with particular viruses and disease organisms. His universal microscope, using evanescent ['tending to vanish like a vapour'] waves, or waves with only hyperdimensional components, had no wavelength limitations to its resolution. Consequently it could see directly into the virtual state past the limit of the photon. It not only saw the exceedingly small point cells that lie between ordinary cells and are just barely visible to the 'best' orthodox light microscopes, but allowed visualization of some sixteen internested, deeper and smaller levels of structures within the point cell. Nothing before or since has achieved such penetration.

Since internested levels of virtual state are also 'higher' spaces, or hyperdimensional, Rife's microscope was the first and only instrument to allow vision directly into higher dimensions and observe the higher dimensional living forms. It is believed to be once again available in limited quantities.

As a result of the ongoing, current cellular transformation of the physical body, there will be changes seen in eating and drinking habits. Appetites will change, there will be a movement away from heavy, greasy foods to fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed and uncooked, with possible odd cravings for unusual foods. It will be all the more important to listen to one's own body, and provide it with whatever it needs.

The most important thing in life is to live and think love, for that is the essence of all
Think constructively

Walk forth therefore in balance, in harmony and in the Light - -

"Progredere in luce ....." or, "Walk in the Light ........."

"Direct your energy in a deliberate, focused and balanced manner, so as to CREATE (manifest) what it is that your HEART (not the head) truly wants. When the heart and the head (the emotional and the analytical) are truly in agreement, there is a resulting focus of energy that is in essence the Prime Mover from which all creations precipitate. A feeling of "no goal to focus upon" is a byproduct of the misalignment of the heart and the head. You will tend to go in circles until a greater balance is achieved." ............. Soltec


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