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The path towards spiritual en-Light-enment (knowledge) is through mental and emotional discipline.

Keep an open mind. By reading, listening and experiencing one recollects the Truth. A man who has a thousand books, but has not read them, may be less knowledgeable than the man who has read but few books of knowledge, but retained what he has read. Too rich an octane causes one?s engine to splutter and fail; too rich food causes problems with the digestive tract; too rich a course in information also causes indigestion, so take it slowly - but surely.

Sometimes it is best to talk in language that people comprehend - even if the concept is wrong, so do not be quick to criticize.

Peace in one's heart - that is the sign that one finally understands; one may not know everything, but at least one understands; and as one experiences, the memory of that knowledge is unlocked within.

Once you know how to think, you can create at will anything you wish - a new personality, a new environment, a new world.

Realize the power that is at hand. Remember the words of Esu Immanuel, after he performed his 'miracles': "All this ye can do also, and much more, if you will only believe ....." or "What I have done, all men can do; and what I am, all men shall be." That which one wills to do, one has the power to do. All nature is subservient to the will of man. The greatest power in heaven and earth is thought. Bear in mind that finite man cannot be expected to comprehend infinite things.

There have always been Cosmic Laws [*3] but once Love has a hold on all mankind, no laws are necessary.

Although we are in a New Age, there are many so-called New Age thoughts that are distracting and misleading. One needs no trinkets, amulets, no retreats "to balance the inner self and open chakras" or whatever.

One of the first steps in getting a handle on this particular lifetime is to realize that one cannot change the past, only the future! Let go of the past (although one can keep good memories, so long as they do not become obsessive); get rid of all negative emotions (fear, anger, jealousy etc) as they affect your health; and realize that no-one can send you negative vibrations which will affect you adversely - you just decide NOT to accept delivery of them - return to sender!

Karma is feared. But this is what we in fact planned - nobody is doing it to us. All we have to do is come into understanding and there is no need to 'meet' karmic 'debts'. The programs and blockages which we have brought in from past lives can and must be eliminated: it makes life much easier to bear, and facilitates the making of progress.

There is a common belief that many events in one's life are created by karma, or are necessary because of karma. Elimination of programs carried over from previous lifetimes (or the in-between planning stage, known as bardo) negate the necessity to have such experiences, karma is therefore no longer valid. All one has to do is to identify the program involved and ask to have it removed or replaced with positive programming - although sometimes one has to research into the reasons for having the program in the first place, then release it.

The negative experiences, beliefs, blocks and programs which are held in the sub-conscious mind must be canceled out in order to prevent them interfering with the successful completion of this incarnation.

Cancellation is a repeated process as one often comes across events at a certain point in one's life which have been programmed from the start - events from previous lifetimes may be repeated at that exact same moment. The most effective way of clearing oneself from past 'karma' - programs and blocks - is through Spiritual Response Therapy. Many other programs come close in effectiveness, but none are so complete and understandable as the principles outlined in Robert Detzler's Spiritual Response Therapy. [*4,5]

Throughout one's life one receives messages - or hints - which, if ignored, may be repeated more strongly, to the point where one may be involved in a serious accident, life-threatening illness or other equally unpleasant incident, often causing a hiatus in one?s experience, giving one time to think again or rethink one's future. It might be referred to as a 'wake-up call'.

Let go of all negative emotions - they only hurt you, yourself - anger, fear, guilt, jealousy, greed, revenge, judgment, resentment, humiliation, shame, abuse or manipulation of others (even to the very point of slavery) It is Love that rules the omniverse, and until one learns to love oneself without reservation, one cannot truly love all others. This does not infer Ego worship, but it does 'bolster the ego' and in so doing helps one onwards: never short yourself on self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence, nor criticize oneself for being less than perfect ..... this is in effect programming negativity.

Once we separate from the Source, or the God within, we are on the downward path to destruction - or, at least, to starting over in the next incarnation. But certain evils cannot be remedied in the next incarnation: one must await the ending of the Great Cycle (52,000+ years) once again. We must always keep that connection. From the time one awakes in the morning, till the time we close our eyes at night, we must abide in the Light. Every negative thought or action removes the protection that we have placed around ourselves, and it must then be requested all over again. Every thought and wish throughout our lifetime is recorded in the Akashic Records (the Book of Life) and we may be confronted by its existence at any time.

Understand that you came here knowing what your goals were and that you do have the ability to meet them, to overcome all hurdles and disasters. How one responds and acts in one lifetime experience controls that which one experiences in the next.

Attention control is something that should be taught in school to all: control of the attention is the essential process in all learning and all achieving, and indeed the fundamental discipline on all the planes accessible to human knowledge. It enables man to heal all diseases and achieve a true mastery of Nature. Man is still not ready for this Truth. Relaxation and meditation should be taught from childhood.

When one enters upon this lifetime, all the events and conditions which will be met or experienced are already known - the disabilities, the 'accidents', the betrayals, the pain and suffering ..... or the success, happiness, 'good fortune' and reputation ..... but the conscious mind may not be aware of this. However, the scenario is not set in stone: one could progress sufficiently to cancel out the negative programming that accompanied one into this lifetime - even alter the planned life-span.

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