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The Tree of Life
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Health and healing: St Hildegard of Bingen. Photo Copyright Milson Macleod 1998
St Hildegard of Bingen


It is only when one realises the strong hold that the pharmaceutical industry has held for so long over all those who pass through Medical School as 'Medical Doctors', preventing them from following the 'Hippocratic Oath', preventing them from practising 'Preventive Medicine', that one understands the reasoning behind such compulsion. The promotion of incredibly profitable drugs, few of which are given any real testing (less than 30% according to medical reports), whilst natural products are suppressed and almost always stated to be 'dangerous' or 'unproven' and therefore not approved for use, ensures that the population has as little chance as possible of recovering from illness or disease.

One cannot fully understand the healing process if one does not understand life itself. Therefore in order to help others recover, one must first understand the cause of the health imbalance (illness or disease) and treat the cause - not the effect. "Understanding Life" is a treatise which seeks to cover all aspects of illness so that those who are ill can understand the possible reasons for their illness, and those who are true physicians or natural healh practitioners can diagnose and treat the ailments of their clients.

Furthermore, this course, developed by Mission St Michael and Dr Milson Macleod, "21st Century Healing" [NOTE: this course has been discontinued for the time being, but the information remains - Milson] allows anyone to start up their own healing 'business', so long as they have a true interest in helping others, as the procedures employ neither equipment nor products, and is very quickly learnt.

"Understanding Life" is prerequisite reading for this course.

Many independent reports on natural remedies, insidious chemicals in everyday products, harmful practices and strategies employed by the pharmaceutical industry and other matters related to all aspects of health are published by Mission St Michael on their web-site.

A most comprehensive article on activities directed for years against the populace was published in 1995 under the title "Depopulation of a Planet." Anyone who does not read this article cannot comprehend many of the dangers that they face in everyday life today. This is a most shocking exposé. Make a point of reading it.

In the meantime (2006) as we prepare for entry into the GOLDEN AGE, more and more revolutionary information and methods are being introduced from many sources, including directly from the Galactic Federation.

In an emergency requesti help directly from the Galactic Medical Science team.

Later in 2006, a start will be made to establishing Sananda Centres worldwide for Healing and Teaching ....... watch this space for further news.

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